Pete's books and bucket of rocks.
Art drawn by inmate Sean D.

Ven. Urgyen Pete Machik Potts, Founder

Pete Potts is an Iowa-born Midwesterner who grew up to work in advertising and marketing and travel the world. In 2008, she left all that to settle into serious study of Buddhism and meditation, eventually switching careers into social work. In 2016, she was fully ordained in the Nyingma lineage of Tibetan Buddhism and given the dharma name 'Machik' by her teacher, Nima Janet Taylor, who is executive director of the Inner Peace Buddhist Center. Machik is now an associate director, minister and Dharma teacher at Temple Buddhist Center in Kansas City. She teaches Buddhism and meditation in jails and prisons throughout the greater Kansas City region, including county, state and federal custody. A voracious reader since age 4, she knows that open books can open minds.